HIB-707WHC | Bone Conduction Headset

Bone Conduction Headset


Hanics Bone Conduction headset with Amplifier successfully combines proven functionality with the latest audio technology called "Bone conduction speaker and maximum user comfort. Hanics Bone Conduction Headset's provides perfect quality sound to both cheek bones for sustained levels of concentration during conversations. A stylish, high-quality solution for professionals who value premium comfort and superlative speech quality.

Product Features
Telephone Amplifier for Compatibility of Almost Phone System in the World. Mute and Round Volume Control on the amplifier. -Mute switch allows the user to have an off-line conversation without the risk of the caller hearing them.
Push Button Type for Mute Function .- Mute facility with LED indicator. Headset amplifier, headset and handset compatibility. Full hands-free products with headsets. Talking on the phone, taking notes and doing with computer works simultaneously.
Bone conduction headset with high quality boom microphone. Hanics Bone conduction Technology human-engineered technology that product enabling dynamic hearing without covering ears that may result in impaired hearing with long-term use.


4" L x 2½" W x 1" H

Product Weight

4 Ounces

Transmit Output

Level  -47dB (transmit gain at minimum)

Transmit Distortion


Receive Frequency Response

3dB from 300Hz to 3000Hz


12 Volt Power adaptor (included)

Compatibility (other devices)

Not compatible with cordless phones or phones that already have built-in amplification capabilities. (The additional amplification is canceled to prevent potential ear damage.)
• This product was designed for residential phones, and most office phones.