HIB-707WH | Bone Conduction Headset

Bone Conduction Headset


First obtained CE mark as a Medical Device in Asia. There are several bone conduction devices in domestic and overseas companies, but Hanics Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the few that has obtained the CE mark for medical devices amongst several other competitive companies for bone conduction devices in Asia.

Perfect for audio enthusiastics looking to upgrade their Headsets, the HI-BONE provides you with the convenience of either listening to your music or answering a call on your mobile phone. Standard versions work with portable audio players like I-pods and most cell phones. Bone conduction headsets are for people who have difficulty in hearing or who have problem with their inner ear or ear drums. Hearing aid accessory, assistive listening device.
Bypass Ear Drum
The Bone Conduction is a product that derives from a human-engineered technology that enables dynamic hearing without having to cover ones ears, which may result in impaired hearing with long-term use. It uses technology that delivers sound directly to auditory nerves through Bone Conduction device while other general headsets delivers sound to the tympanum through airial conduction.
Li-polymer Battery
The word 'Lithium Polymer' has become synonymous with advanced battery technology.
Very low profile – batteries that resemble the profile of a credit card are feasible.
Improved safety - more resistant to overcharge ; less chance for electrolyte leakage.
Flexibility & Adjustable Ear Hook