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[SENDEX 2012 Site] Hanics Technology’s Bone Conduction Earbuds Exhibition
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Hanics Technology Co., Ltd (Representative Sung-Ho Kim, participated in the 2012 Senior & Disability Expo (SENDEX 2012), and presented ‘Dual Mode HiBone Bone Conduction Earbuds' from August 30 to September 1, for three days held in Ilsan Kintex. 

(Photo: The left picture is the HIB-707WH model of Bone Conduction Headset for the eardrum-damage hearing impaired, and the right is theHIB-210DM model of dual-mode Bone Conduction Earbuds for the hearing impaired and the hearing loss persons)

This product is equipped with a three-step noise reduction functions, and thus upgraded by reducing the ambient noise and making the users hear the voice clearly. Step one is a mode that can be set while watching TV in the room or when used in a quiet place. Step two is a mode that can be set to increase the voice communication levels when used in a noise of 50dB or less, such as the sound of the wind around a roadside and the interior noise level near the roadside. Step three is a mode that can be set to increase the voice communication levels when used in a noise of 60dB or less, such as the noise in the restaurant or outdoors road noise. The device invariably cuts the amount of such noises and increases the voice communication levels.

‘Dual-mode Hi-Bone Bone Conduction Earbuds' the impact control hardwired unit lowers a sudden loud sound right away in order to protect the users’ ear from sudden loud sound. It also adds high-performance microphones and special microprocessor circuit in order to make the product perform the sound reproduction as natural as possible.  By connecting to MP3 or other musical players, the device will give an experience of rich sound and clarity. Bone Conduction makes a user with an eardrum injury able to hear, an official said.

Meanwhile, SENDEX 2012 is a domestic general welfare industrial exhibition that is the biggest in scope in Korea, and an International Trade Fair Exhibition that has been selected as promising exhibition for the five consecutive years by Knowledge Economy. At Hall1 and Hall 2 at KINTEX, more grained products will be on display, such as senior-friendly welfare equipment for 7.5 million baby boomers including Assistive Devices for the disabled. More than 30 major other events, including the exhibition of the International Assistive Devices Symposium, business meetings, purchase meetings, and other related seminars, etc. will also be held.
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