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[Previewing SENDEX 2012] Hanics Technology Co., Ltd, will display dual-mode Bone Conduction Earbuds and Headsets for the hearing impaired
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Hanics Tech (Representative Sung-Ho Kim, will participate in 2012’s Senior & Disability Expo (SENDEX 2012), the Korea's largest general welfare exhibition held at KINTEX, Ilsan City from August 30 to September 1, and present Dual-mode Bone Conduction Earbuds and Headsets(HiBone) for the hearing impaired, which have been sold in popularity in Japan.

Bone Conduction technology is a technology that, using the application of ergonomics, delivers the wavelength of the sound through the skull directly to the cochlea and makes the auditory nerve recognized. This technology features on prevention of hearing damage despite long hours of use because the device does not adopt the method of delivering sound directly to the eardrum.

As opposed to typical headsets or earphones, which uses only air conduction to convey sound only to the eardrum, Bone Conduction Earbuds and Headsets adopts the technology to transmit the sound directly to the auditory nerve through a bone conduction technology.

Bone Conduction Earbuds can adjust the volume freely by adopting the round volume way, and naturally reduce the incidence of howling. Using three-specific steps of noise reduction technology, the product allows the users to selectively hear voices in an environment with background noises and thus helps the users with clear communication. Using the connecting cables, the users can enjoy clean phone calls and music.

HI-BONE’s Bone Conduction Earbuds enable the play from the treble to rich bass by overcoming the general disadvantage of most of the bone conduction products through expanding the product’s narrow frequency band as much as possible. A bone conduction unit of HI-BONE is patented technology that allows the external leakage of sound to be the minimum using the reverse-polarity double magnet and the double frames, so that this technology will prevent any kind of harm to the next-to person.

The product, a self-convergence type, is designed to play high-powered, excellent sound quality, and the three types of its function can be freely interchanged, such as music, cell phone calls, and hearing aids.

Hanics Tech has developed and has been producing Bone Conduction Headset that enables a two-way communication, and it is the first Asian bone conduction headset that has acquired the CE certification of medical device.

Domestic patent, as well as a patent application in the United States and Japan International, is in progress, and the likelihood of success in the Japanese market and the recognition of the product for the originality and novelty helped to be selected as the Top 100 Firms of Promising Export Company to Japan by the Ministry of Knowledge & Economy select in May, 2009

Meanwhile, SENDEX 2012 is a domestic general welfare industrial exhibition that is the biggest in scope in Korea, and an International Trade Fair Exhibition that has been selected as promising exhibition for the five consecutive years by Knowledge Economy. At Hall1 and Hall 2 at KINTEX, more grained products will be on display, such as senior-friendly welfare equipment for 7.5 million baby boomers including Assistive Devices for the disabled. More than 30 major other events, including the exhibition of the International Assistive Devices Symposium, business meetings, purchase meetings, and other related seminar, etc. will also be held.
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