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[CEBIT 2007] Successive contracts Sacrament local SMEs
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[Hannover (Germany) = Reporter Giseok Kim] The Korean local SMEs attending the CeBIT exhibition, in turn, have made contracts and showed off their excellence of technology.

According to KOTRA configuring the Korea pavilion with 99 Korean small businesses attending the CeBIT, two contracts were signed during the first day of the opening.

Hanics Technology Co., Ltd entered a $ 3,000,000-worth supply contract for special headphones for people with the problems over the eardrum with a foreign company.

AL Tech Co., Ltd, made a contract to supply a media player device with companies of the Netherlands, France, the UK, etc.

The number of the contracts and the quantity of order are not so large, but considering the opening of the CeBIT, the contracts ware very meaningful.

Su-Deuk Son, the manager of KOTRA Trade Center, Hamburg said that "since it takes long time for buyers to decide to purchase the products- from being introduced to the testing to the purchasing, when you consider the whole process, the tow contracts are very meaningful." and added, “This time the participation of many companies with good technology will lead to a good news.”

Among the participants, Notroronics and Patoz have introduced the world's firstly developed products.

Sotronics released 'Combi TDR' that can implement in one device both of the function of ‘OTDR’, which is the world's first trouble detector of the fiber-optic cable, and that of 'MTDR', which is which is the world's first trouble detector of the metal cable. Patoz unveiled the world's first fonts that can express Quran, the Islamic scriptures.
Meanwhile, in order to increase the success rate of SMEs’ consultation with foreign buyers, KOTRA sent an English exhibitor directory to 23 trade centers in Europe two months ago and thus invited at least 250 buyers for contracts or counseling to the Korean pavilion.
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