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[January 2013, Excellent SMEs Product of the month] Hanics Technology Co’s Bone Conduction Headset 'HiBone'
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`Hi-Bone` of Hanics Technology Co., Ltd (Representative Sung-Ho Kim) is a bone conduction headset that causes less damaging to your hearing despite the extended use of it.
Bone Conduction technology using the application of ergonomics is a technology that transmits sound directly to the auditory nerve without blocking the ear through the skull. Directly vibrating the sensory organ delivers a clearer sound.

Unlike the general head set, which transmits and conducts the sound to the eardrum by vibrating the sound produced by the speakers through the air, the product is different.

Because this product features on fewer stimuli than a product delivering directly to the ear, this product is useful for both people with hearing impairment and the people without disabilities.
The users can adjust the volume using the control box or receive a phone.

Even in noisy environments, the specialized audio process enables feedbacks from volumes, and thus clear cell phone calls and music can be enjoyed.

The product can also be used as a substitute of hearing aids.

A common drawback of Bone conduction products is the narrow frequency bands. However, our product widely reproduces the sound by maximizing the bands from bass to treble. Using the double magnet and frame,  the human impact of the magnetic field is minimized.

Four types of features, such as Music, cell phone calls, music volume control, hearing aid are equipped. Contact
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