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[Hit Product of the second half of 2011 - 'Hi-Bone Earbuds'] Bone Conduction Earbuds, Method of a new concept
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HiBone Earbuds of Hanics Technology Co., Ltd are products of a new concept using Bone Conduction Method that enables users to listen to the fine-grained sound by stimulating the cartilage around the ear canal with vibration, instead of ringing the sounds of normal hearing. Various quality certifications (CE0120, ISO13485, etc.) and a patent have been obtained.
“Together with the existing function for sound amplification of small voices, another bone-conducting function to enable the users to listen to for far smaller sounds are integrated into HiBone Earbuds, a collection of state-of-the-art technology”, said the company.

Because this product is easy to carry due to its size, and because it is an MP3 style using the plugging of the earphones, instead of the inserting of the device, the device can be used directly without special adaptation period right after its purchase.

The product has an ability to remove noises by switching modes with the touch of a button in line with the sounds of the environment, and thus be used according to the situation of an individual. Another benefit is that the device can be conveniently used for 15 hours on a single charge. In addition to its simple and easy connection to all the regular phone or smart phone, it can be directly connected to other media devices and enables the users to hear the sound more clearly.

Based on these technologies, Hanics Technology was chosen as one of the export promising companies to Japan in May 2009 from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and scored a great success in the Japanese market, which is considered as a superpower of the world’s market for hearing aid products.